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Alloy 321 Stainless Steel Waste Treatment: Thermal Oxidizers

Waste treatment involves activities that ensure waste material has the least-harmful impact on the environment. Thermal oxidizers are generally used to destroy waste materials in the forms of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These hydrocarbon-based pollutants are decomposed by thermal combustion and released into the atmosphere. Type 321 stainless steel is an excellent material for construction of a thermal oxidizer's pre-heat heat exchanger and combustion chamber because of the heat and pollutants that pass through this chamber. HAP and VOC destruction requires high temperatures and elements and these pollutants can be corrosive to lower alloy materials.

Alloy 321 Stainless Steel Properties

Destroying air pollutants generates exhaust streams at temperatures ranging from 1400-1500°F in the thermal oxidizer heat chambers. Properties of type 321 stainless steel include its ability to resist temperatures up to 1500°F, making it able to withstand typical temperatures found in a thermal oxidizer. Oxidation is achieved when pollutants like HAPs and VACs pass through the combustion chamber and are held at elevated temperatures, causing chemical reactions. Because of these chemical reactions at such high temperatures, the alloy of which the chamber is made must be resistant to oxidation. Type 321 stainless steel is titanium stabilized.

Heat is not the only aspect of thermal oxidizing that can become an issue. Crevice corrosion is a major concern when dealing with waste treatment. Sulfides, air pollutants, and organic plant matter found in waste materials, as well as atmospheric conditions, can threaten to corrode the thermal oxidizer material. Alloy 321 resists intergranular corrosion and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance. Type 321 stainless steel will also maintain its structural integrity throughout the thermal oxidization process. Type 321 stainless steel can be hot formed then annealed and still maintain corrosion resistance. Moreover, Alloy 321 can be welded by most standard processes and is quite ductile.

Sandmeyer Steel: The Alloy 321 Stainless Steel Supplier

Sandmeyer Steel Company is a lead supplier of type 321 stainless steel plate, bar, pipe, tubing, and sheet. The company stocks Alloy 321 in thicknesses from 3/16" to 4". If you are in need of materials for a thermal oxidizer regarding waste treatment issues, call (1-800-523-3663) or email ( to obtain information on pricing and shipping.

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