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Beverages and Bottling

Today’s production of beverages would not be possible without stainless steel. With the tightening of hygienic standards worldwide, exceptional hygiene, corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning, strength, and formability are all characteristics that make stainless steel the material of choice for the beverage processing industry.

Equipment made of stainless is used for the production and processing of water, milk products, non-alcoholic beverages, wine, beer, and distilled spirits.

Storage tanks along with process tanks (pasteurizers, mixers, and fermenters) are fabricated from our stainless steel plate. They are also equipped with agitators, mixers, pumps, and valves.

Bottling lines are also constructed of stainless steel where our flanges can be found.

304L/304 and 316L/316 are the predominant grades used in the beverage industry. However, use of our duplex alloys – LDX-2101®, 2205, 2304, and 2507 – is growing for large volume brewery and winery tanks due to their superior strength. This enables the customers to use thinner thickness cross-sections and helps reduce costs.

Other Sandmeyer Steel Company grades that can be used in the beverage industry are our superaustenitics 904L and SSC-6MO.