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Since Sandmeyer was founded in 1952 in Philadelphia, we’ve evolved from a regional business to one with an increasing International focus serving over 40 countries.  This month marks another important milestone in this evolution.  Sandmeyer is now stocking inventory in Kunshan, China to best serve the Asian market and its vicinity.  We are offering plasma, waterjet, and laser cut pieces to near net shapes in the following grades:

Nickel Alloy Plate Inventory

Grade Thicknesses (inches/mm)
SSC Alloy 600 .25″ (6.3mm)
.375″ (9.5mm)
.5 (12.7mm)
.625″ (15.9mm)
SSC Alloy 625 .375″ (9.5mm)
.5″ (12.7mm)
1″ (25.4mm)
SSC Alloy 825 .25″ (6.3mm)
.75″ (19mm)
SSC Alloy C276 .375″ (9.5mm)
.625″ (14.3mm)
SSC Invar 36 .25″ (6.3mm)
.5″ (12.7mm)

Stainless Steel Plate Inventory

Grade Thicknesses (inches/mm)
SSC-6MO____ .375″ (9.5mm)


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*SSC-6MO is comparable to AL6XN.   AL6XN® is a registered trademark of ATI Properties Inc.