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Nickel Alloy Plate

Alloy C276 Nickel Alloy Plate: Pharmaceutical Production

High purity and process control are essential in the production of pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical production equipment must be made of a non-corrosive material so drugs are not contaminated with metallic impurities. Cleanability is also an important factor in pharmaceutical production equipment. Materials for equipment in pharmaceutical industries must be corrosion resistant to high purity water as well as buffer solutions used in preparation of products and cleaning supplies. C276 (c-276) nickel alloy plate is a superior choice for pharmaceutical production equipment because it is able to resist corrosion from the raw materials used in the production of pharmaceuticals, specifically those containing chlorides. Alloy C276 (c-276) has excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of chloride-bearing environments, both acidic and alkaline. Furthermore, C276 (c-276) nickel alloy has excellent corrosion resistance over a great range of temperatures.

C276 Nickel Alloy Properties

Pharmaceutical processing reactor vessels, piping, flanges and fittings, pumps, and valves must be corrosion resistant while maintaining pit-free surfaces. Scratch-free surfaces allow better cleaning and sterilization, assuring drug purity and low maintenance costs. Abrupt temperature changes that occur during the production process is one factor that can lead to corrosion of equipment. Nickel alloy C276 (c-276) possesses properties that enable it to withstand corrosion in oxidizing and reducing environments. C276 (c-276) can operate in oxidizing atmospheres up to 1900°F. C276 (c-276) nickel alloy plate, pipe, and sheet material has the ability to resist stress corrosion, cracking, pitting, crevice corrosion, and general corrosion. This alloy has been shown to withstand higher chloride levels than other stainless steel and nickel alloy materials. Alloy C276 (c-276) is an austenitic nickel-molybdenum-chromium alloy with an addition of Tungsten, making it suitable for environments that experience high temperatures and chloride presence. Nickel alloy C276 (c-276) is easily welded and processed utilizing standard shop fabrication practices or the need for a post-weld heat treatment. Also, it can be hot and cold formed. For additional information on C276 (c-276) properties, click here: Corrosion Resistant Nickel Alloy Plate.

Sandmeyer Steel: The c276 Nickel Alloy Provider

As North America's largest single-site inventory of specialty plate, Sandmeyer Steel Company is a lead supplier of C276 (c-276) nickel alloy and stocks C276 nickel alloy plate in thicknesses from 3/16" to 2 1/2". Sandmeyer Steel offers top quality stainless steel and nickel alloy products through comprehensive in-house plate processing capabilities and quality control systems. Call (1-800-523-3663) or email a sales representative today to obtain information on pricing and shipping.

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