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As one of the leading stainless steel plate and nickel alloy plate products manufacturers in the country, Sandmeyer Steel is a single source supplier for many companies and industries. Sandmeyer Steel stocks the largest single-site stainless steel plate inventory in North America, with over 15 million pounds of stainless and nickel alloy plate, covering 45 grades and 34 thicknesses. With the most extensive selection of stainless steel plate, nickel alloy plate, duplex stainless plate, and now cobalt-restricted stainless steel plate, you can source all of your steel from Sandmeyer Steel, and know it’s of the highest quality. We have been offering our customers the finest steel and nickel alloy products since 1952, and we set the pace for new developments and innovative steel products. For example, duplex stainless plate is an advanced alloy of ferritic and austenitic crystalline composition, and our recent introduction of cobalt-restricted stainless steel plate provides crucial raw material stock for nuclear and other radiation resistant applications.

In addition to our wide selection of ASTM certified stainless steel plate and nickel alloy plate, the advent of duplex steel plate offers many new possibilities for industrial projects. Duplex steel plate was developed to combine the properties of what were once distinctly different types of grain structure in stainless steel alloy. The three types of grain structure are known as Austenitic, Ferritic, and Martensitic. While each is used for different applications, each has particular strengths and weaknesses. By combining the properties of ferritic and austenitic crystalline structure, duplex steel plate is uniquely strong, tough, stress and crack resistant, and cost effective, due to the reduced nickel and molybdenum content.

Cobalt-restricted stainless steel is a specialized product designed to minimize all traces of cobalt in the alloy. Because cobalt becomes highly radioactive when exposed to the intense radiation of nuclear reactors, any alloys containing cobalt, or any residual cobalt content in the Nickel used in producing Austenitic stainless steels must be avoided. Any stainless steel that is used in nuclear service will have a Cobalt restriction, usually approximately 0.2% maximum. Sandmeyer is pleased to be able to provide this high performance material to its customers in the nuclear industry. 304CO (UNSS30400) has a maximum cobalt level of 0.050% and maximum sulfur level of 0.010%, and can be certified to ASME SA240 and ASTM A240. Sandmeyer passes all materials through an intergranular corrosion test (ASTM A262 Practice E), and most thicknesses can be dual certified as either 304L (UNSS30403) or 304H (UNSS30409), with plate thicknesses ranging up to 3.25" (82.6mm).

Whatever your steel requirements Sandmeyer Steel is ready to meet them. Contact Sandmeyer today for the best steel from the most experienced stainless steel plate and nickel alloy plate products manufacturer in America.