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Precise Drilling and Plasma Cutting for Machining Applications

High-Definition Plasma Cutting combined with State of the Art Drilling and Precise Machining Applications

Product Name:
Machined All Over and Drilled Tube Sheet Requirement

The Specifics of the Job:
For this job, our customer needed two large diameter, heavy thickness 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel tube sheets for a critical heat exchanger project they are working on. This tube sheet was plasma cut in-house and then sent to our State-of-the-Art machine shop. Our craftsmen provided precision machining; finishing the OD to 56.500” and machining both faces down to 4.780”. The top and bottom edges of the OD were dressed with a step bevel to the customer’s requirements (see image 1). Being able to dress and prep the edges of the OD the customer is one more step closer to fabrication, saving them time and money in-house.

Sandmeyer’s recent addition of our Quickmill Annihilator Machining® Center has allowed Sandmeyer to complete the tube sheet by drilling almost 700 holes through almost 5” thick duplex stainless steel (see image 2). The holes were drilled to a tolerance of +/-.003, and finished with expansion grooves. Another example of how Sandmeyer can help your project by providing value-added services that compliment your capabilities.

Job Specifications:

  • 5” Thick 2205
  • 56.500” OD
  • Machined All Over
  • Raised Face with Bevel
  • 692 Holes; 1.514 Diameter
  • With 2 expansion grooves in each hole

Sandmeyer’s Edge:
Let us tackle your next beveled product, and you’ll get the “edge you need” from Sandmeyer Steel Company, the premier supplier of Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy, and Titanium plate and plate products. We offer drilling, bandsaw cutting, abrasive waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, Machincut rings and discs up to 124” OD (3150 mm), and laser cut products through 1.25” (31.8 mm) -all under one roof. When matched with our 18 million pounds of Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy, and Titanium plate and plate products. Sandmeyer Steel Company provides you with the “edge” for specialty plate and plate products.