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High Definition Plasma Cutting System with Plasma Beveling

Precision High-Definition Cutting Combined with State-of-the-Art Plasma Edge Beveling

Product Name:
Plasma Bevel Requirement

The Purpose of this Job:
The parts ordered for this particular job will be fabricated for a Waste Water project in Long Island, New York.

The Specifics of the Job:
For this job, our customer has requested that we create a beveled edge for weld prep. We supplied the precisely beveled edge plates (shown in image 1) by using our State-of-the-Art Plasma Bevel machine. Our customer has opted to have us create a beveled edge because they intend to roll the material to form the plate with weld preps which we supplied.

At Sandmeyer Steel Company, we have the capability to cut plates to size with precise bevel edges (shown in image 2). This capability is a significant value- added option for our customers because we’re able to provide them with cost-savings due to our downstream in-house processing.

Sandmeyer’s Edge:
Let us tackle your next beveled product, and you’ll get the “edge you need” from Sandmeyer Steel Company, the premier supplier of stainless steel, nickel alloy, and titanium plate and plate products. We offer bandsaw cutting, abrasive waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, Machincut rings and discs up to 124” OD (3150 mm), and laser cut products through 1.25” (31.8 mm) -all under one roof. When matched with our 18 million pounds of stainless steel, nickel alloy, and titanium plate and plate products, Sandmeyer Steel Company provides you with the “edge” for specialty plate and plate products.