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Product Name: Precision Waterjet Cut Part

 Job Details:

Sandmeyer was recently awarded an order to produce this custom abrasive waterjet part. Attention to detail and precise processing are just a few of the critical elements that every order receives here at Sandmeyer. Our expert programmers and operators have decades of abrasive waterjet cutting experience that put Sandmeyer at the top of the list to handle all of your “use-as-is” or “near-net-shape” requirements. No order is too small or too tough.

Sandmeyer’s recent addition of our Jet Edge’s EDGE 5, 5-Axis Waterjet (AWJ), has allowed Sandmeyer to complete the waterjet order in almost no time at all. For this 347 Stainless Steel slotted ring job, we cut 48 slots to a tolerance of +/- .030 on all dimensions. These slots were in addition to the OD and ID. Another example of how Sandmeyer can help your project by providing multiple additional value-added services – all under one roof – saving you time.

       Job Specifications:

  • 1.125” Thick 347 Stainless Steel
  • 19” OD; 9” ID
  • 48 Slots; .613” x 2.854”
  • Radius of .317”

Sandmeyer’s Edge:

Let us tackle your next straight cut or beveled product, and you’ll get the “edge you need” from Sandmeyer Steel Company, the premier supplier of Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy, and Titanium plate and plate products. We offer drilling, bandsaw cutting, abrasive waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, Machincut rings and discs up to 124″ OD (3150 mm), and laser-cut products through 1.25″ (31.8 mm) – all under one roof. When matched with our 18 million pounds of plate inventory, Sandmeyer Steel Company provides you with the “edge”.