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Sandmeyer Steel Company was founded in 1952 by the late Paul C. Sandmeyer. We have been family owned and operated since our inception. Upon Paul Sandmeyer's untimely death in 1969, his son, Ronald P. Sandmeyer, assumed the responsibilities of President. He, along with Paul L. von Zech as Executive Vice President, continued to build upon Paul Sandmeyer's foundation. We became a third generation family business in the early 1980's when Ron Sandmeyer's sons, Ron Sandmeyer, Jr., and Rodney C. Sandmeyer, joined the team. On October 9, 1997, Ron Sandmeyer, Jr., was elected President and Chief Executive Officer, succeeding his father, who continues to serve as Chairman of the Board. Rod was elected Executive Vice President, replacing Paul von Zech, who then held the position of Vice Chairman of the Board until his death in June 2008.

We moved to our present location in far northeast Philadelphia in 1963 and have expanded at this site by acquiring several adjacent properties through the years. Today, these facilities consist of over 20 acres with over 150,000 square feet under roof.

Producing "stainless steel plate, nickel alloy plate, and titanium products" has always been and remains our only business. As a result, we know it better than anyone. We have over 15 million pounds of plate in stock and nearly 100 pieces of state-of-the-art plate processing equipment on-site. Combine this with the commitment of our staff of experienced professionals who work exclusively with stainless steel, nickel alloy plate, and titanium, and we can do everything you need under one roof...under our control...unlike any steel service center or mill in the country.

From Paul Sandmeyer's vision, with the help of many dedicated and loyal employees along the way, Sandmeyer Steel Company - still family owned and managed - has been making stainless steel plate and nickel alloy plate products for over 70 years.

Paul C. Sandmeyer
Paul C. Sandmeyer
1912 - 1969
Founder and President
1952 - 1969
Ronald P. Sandmeyer
Ronald P. Sandmeyer
Chairman, President & CEO
1969 - 1997
Chairman of the Board
1997 - Present
Ronald P. Sandmeyer Jr.
Ronald P. Sandmeyer, Jr.
President & CEO
1997 - Present