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Sandmeyer Steel Company’s stainless steel plate, nickel alloy plate and titanium products are used extensively for their corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, and ease of fabrication in marine applications.

Applications include chemical tanks for tankers, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanks on LNG tankers, topside components for floating LNG vessels, cruise ship storage tanks, and components for U.S. Navy surface ships and submarines.

For chemical tanker applications, 316L/316 and 317L/317 have been the materials of choice for some time. They are now being replaced with duplex 2205 and LDX-2101®, mainly due to their high yield strength and corrosion resistance. The higher yield strength enables the shipbuilder to use thinner material, saving on overall weight and life cycle cost.

In LNG tankers, Invar 36 is being used for its cryogenic shrinkage resistance. Sandmeyer Steel Company’s 316L/316 has also found use in topside components for floating LNG vessels.

Superduplex 2507 has been used in the fabrication of storage tanks for cruise ships.

Sandmeyer Steel Company is proud of our history of supplying stainless steel plate, nickel alloy plate, and titanium products for the U.S. Navy. Over the years, we’ve supplied stainless steel grades such as 304L/304, 316L/316, 2205, and 17-4PH as well as 400, 400 As Rolled & Descaled, 625, and C-276 nickel alloys for both surface ships and submarines.

Nickel alloy 200/201 is also utilized in marine structural applications.